AL.VI.PEL. is the representation of a solid connection between the family tradition of the past and the projection towards the future through integration into a broader and avant-garde reality.

It is a corporate vehicle that has been active for almost thirty years both in the commercial sector and in leather brokerage activities in the area comprising the provinces of Alessandria, Novara, Pavia, and Milan.

It is a company active in the high-quality leather trade, mainly derived from sheep and goats, primarily destined for the production of high-end footwear (and partly leather goods) manufactured by leading fashion and luxury houses operating between Italy and France.

Fabrizio and Fiorello Morandi are indeed the third generation of merchants who, based on skills and business experiences initiated in the early decades of the twentieth century by their grandparents and then continued by their father , have gradually specialized in the specific distribution channel that now feeds the main operators in the fashion and luxury sectors.

The current configuration exercised at the operational headquarters in Turbigo (MI) has developed from the trade of livestock from renowned farms beyond the Alps, then sold both for food purposes and for tanning transformation.

The Morandi brothers, taking over from their father Fernando around the mid-eighties, have transformed AL.VI.PEL., established in 1996 and initially based in Vigevano (one of the main national footwear districts), into the first completely autonomous company managed by them.

Between 2006 and 2007, it was relocated to the leather processing industry in the province of Milan between Turbigo, Robecchetto con Induno, and Castano Primo.

Today, the company has become a reference point for the high/ultra-high-end clientele in the clothing and luxury world for sheep and goat leather products destined for the production of linings for footwear and accessories.

It employs approximately 20 employees and is a dynamic and young reality whose highly qualified staff, while strictly adhering to the great tradition to which it belongs, responds to the need for constant updating, with a determined look towards the future: 70% of the employees are under 35 years old, and one of the strengths of the entire organization is precisely the ‘on-the-job training’ of young recruits from the beginning of their career path, to allow for an increasingly conscious approach to the work performed and a progressively targeted and specific learning process.

In February 2020, AL.VI.PEL. was acquired by one of its main competitors (CONCERIA TIRRENA S.p.A.), today the sole shareholder of the company, with whom it is carrying out an intense program of integration and strategic consolidation, seeking ever greater economies of scale and operational and qualitative synergies: both companies are indeed LWG certified.

Thanks to this corporate program, in a path aimed at overcoming the uncertainties and upheavals post-COVID and the subsequent global macro-economic events following the subsequent wars, the objectives set are aimed at concretization.




Via Marbello 15 – Litta Parodi 15122 – Alessandria (AL)



Via Turati, Snc – 20029 Turbigo (MI)

T: +39 0331 898990

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